Thursday, July 25, 2002

Who is the real reformist?
There is no doubt that Bush administration is willing to deal with reformists in Iran.But question is with which group of them?
In one hand, it seems that khatami and his government are reformists and for six years they have been trying to do some changes in country. This group believes in reform base of non-secular idea and they are trying to reinforce the Islamic republic base of its constitution. If we look behind, we can observe that they played a positive role in reform process. They started very well and attracted people attention to some important issues such as freedom and human rights. So many reformist papers were published, giving new prospects and hope to the people. The political atmosphere has been totally changed in Iran. So many people who were shut up for years could be able to speak out and express themselves.
But suddenly all of these developments faced with great obstacles. Newspapers were banded, journalists and writers were put in jail and the reforms’ wheels stopped.
But in the other hand, there are huge populations in Iran that are seeking reform in every thing. Statistically, most of people are not interested in regime any more. They are looking for more social reform than political. Most of their demands could be considered against the Islamic laws and this regime would not be able to respond them. They are following the reform process carefully and cautiously. They don’t want another bloody revolution. They have enough experience and that’s why they supported Khatami and his reform plans. But now is different time. They are aware that regime cannot accept any change and they are waiting for some thing else and America’s support of peoples’ movements could help them to achieve their aspirations.


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