Tuesday, July 16, 2002

The president of United State Of America!
Ronald Reagan dies and God made a decision to send him to the hell. He objects and says: “ I don’t want to go to the hell. I am the president of USA.”
God says: “ It doesn’t matter who the hell you are. You must to be placed in the hell.”
Reagan says: “It is not fair. Maybe there is some exception that you can refer to it and send me to the Paradise. Please check it out.”
God checks some of his files and documents and says: “ you are right, there are some authorizations which allow great people, musicians and scientists to go to the Paradise directly.”
Reagan says: “ so, I am Ronald Reagan, president of United State.”
God says: “ It doesn’t make any sense. You must have some proofs. For instance, last week Einstein and Beethoven came here. They presented some documents, which illustrated that they were great people. Then they were sent to the Paradise.”
Reagan asks: “ who are these guys?”
God thinks for a moment and says: “ you can go to the Paradise. I just found out that you are the president of United State of America.”


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