Saturday, August 24, 2002

TEHRAN: An Iranian court has convicted a theatre director for promoting immoral conduct because a scene in one of his plays showed a man forcing his sick wife to drink wine to hasten her death. The court fined French-educated director Ali Rafii 1.5 million rials and gave him a suspended a two-year ban from the theatre after ruling that the scene promoted wine drinking. "I am shocked by the court's ruling," Rafii said yesterday, adding that he had appealed against the sentence. "What I showed aimed to denounce wine and not to promote it, because it was introduced as a killing instrument to speed up her death."
The play, Shazdeh Ehtejab (Prince Ehtejab) is a social drama based on a novel by Iranian author Houshang Golshiri in which the prince commits suicide after killing his wife.


At 12:38 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shazdeh does not force "his wife" to drink. He forces his maid to drink and he is also compelling her to pretend to be his deceased wife (this compelled role playing is a central element of the story). His wife died of tuberculosis (supposedly hereditary in his line - she was his cousin and he also has tuberculosis).

Also, in the novel Shazdeh does not commit suicide. It is implied that he dies at the end, but no manner of death is depicted. Did the director or the reviewer ever actually read the story?

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