Monday, September 23, 2002

Washington post: Would you support the United States if he doesn't comply and there is a war against Hussein?
The foreign minister of Iran: We are basically against a military operation against Iraq. Of course, it all depends. If Americans are going to attack Iraq unilaterally, we certainly would not be supportive. In the case that Iraq does not comply and the Security Council would authorize using force against Iraq, it would be a different story. But basically we cannot agree with the U.S. policy to use force in order to change the regime of another country.
If Iran’s regime were little bit democratic and rational it would be a great opportunity for it to get rid of one of its most dangerous enemy. Certainly, Saddam, who caused the bloodiest war in Iran’s history, is a huge threat to his own people and to other countries in the region.
But problem is that Iran’s rulers are not much different from Saddam. Both regimes are violating human right, developing mass destruction weapons, supporting terrorism and terrorizing their own people. It is obvious that Iran would be the next target in the region and the rulers of Iran are aware of it very well. When Kharrazi- Iran’s foreign minister- says that Iran cannot agree with U.S. policy to interfere in another country’s affairs, he reveals Ayatollahs’ nightmare of being target after Saddam.


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