Thursday, September 05, 2002

Shicago Tribune: Iranian President Mohammad Khatami is again challenging the fundamentalist mullahs who hold most of the real power in Iran, complaining that the hard-line clerics have made it all but impossible for him to do his job and pursue reforms.
In May, he threatened to quit (as did many of his supporters in Parliament), if his conservative opponents continued to block his reform attempts. They have, he hasn't.
Last week he declared that he would introduce a bill that would seek to restore his presidency's full powers to act as head of state and protect citizen's rights.
Khatami's latest effort may be no more effective than his previous attempts to wrest some control from the mullahs, who maintain their grip on the Army, security forces and the courts. But such dramatic social and political change is almost certain to be a long and frustrating process. The administration should be wary, as one former diplomat warned, that the new American approach "may help those we are trying to harm, and harm those we are trying to help."
Imperfect as he may be, Khatami still deserves U.S. support.
This time, story is very different from the others. America’s policy against Saddam’s regime is not just because of its biological and nuclear weapons or supporting terrorism. Iraqi regime is violating human right and freedom in Iraq as well and it’s the other issue that U.S.A claims. Ignoring and violating the human right and basic freedoms in Iran is far more obvious than Iraq. And that could be an efficient reason for America to interfere in Iran regime after toppling Saddam. Mullahs are aware of this and they will try to avoid it in any ways. That’s why I think they will modify their policy a little bit by approving Khatami’s bill and giving him a minor power. According to Iran’s constitution, Khatami would never get full power to achieve his goal and do what he did promise people. Khatami in his press conference clearly said that he was going to act base of constitution and he just needed the restricted power, which was illustrated in it.


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