Monday, October 28, 2002

Two Iranian men convicted of murder were hanged in public in the capital of Tehran at dawn Sunday, one of them in a park known as a place for dining out or hiking, according to witnesses.
23-year-old Hashem Anwarniah was strung up by a crane in wealthy north Tehran's Jamshideh park, the site of where he gunned down a police officer, Malek Hossein Amiri, in the course of a shoot-out some two months ago, AFP stated.
In the meantime, in Javideh district in the poorer southern part of the city, Farhad Rahmanpour, 32, was hanged for the murder and robbery of his aunt and her two children.
Iran’s conservative rulers are seeking two focal aims of public execution. Frightening the people and vandalizing the reform process. Hanging two people in public, right at the time that Khatami is attending an important visit in Spain, does not carry any other purpose, apart from defacing Khatami’s reform plan and making the human rights problem far more worse. Human right issue is one of Khatami’s key challenge, which could play a significant role in Iran’s relationship with Europe countries.


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