Wednesday, December 04, 2002

Iran's Islamic republic "has reached a dead end," the son of the late shah said Tuesday, and the country should not be put on hold while the world deals with the crisis in Iraq.
Reza Pahlavi encouraged western nations to provide moral support to Iranians seeking change.
"Many ranking elements who are supposedly on the regime's payroll are losing their faith and their belief in the system," he told a gathering of reporters in the French capital.
Pahlavi, 42, has been pressing a campaign of nonviolent civil disobedience in Iran from his base near Washington D.C. He backs a secular democracy for his homeland and proposes an eventual referendum so Iranians can choose a system of governance.
Pahlavi conceded that it is difficult for the world to gauge the underground protest movements. But he said that increasing shows of defiance and his own contacts inside Iran make clear there is a "visible trend" building against Iran's rulers.
"What we are seeing is the tip of an iceberg," he said. "Today, I feel we are approaching the end." FULL STORY...


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