Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Kayhan Paper: Prospective Palestinian “suicide bombers” should not miss the opportunity to strike at the increased number of US forces in the region, a leading Iranian paper said Tuesday.
In an editorial in his Kayhan paper, Hossein Shariatmadari reasoned that American troops were a far easier target for "martyrdom-seeking operations" than Israelis.
"Hundreds of young Palestinians are ready to carry out martyrdom-seeking operations... so why should they not make the most of the presence of US troops in the region to take revenge", he said.
"It would be easier than carrying out such operations in Palestine."
Shariatmadari said if such “suicide attacks” started in the event of a US attack on Iraq, "without doubt the Muslim masses would mobilize to take part in this holy war". "Is the American presence in the region not a golden opportunity for those seeking martyrdom to realize their dream?" he asked.
Hussein shariatmadari is one of the key elements in hardliners camp. He runs one of the oldest and the most important newspapers in Iran. His job in newspaper as an editor is only one of tens other jobs that he has. Having the leader’s supports and access to most of classified documents, help him to lead and dictate the political attitude even before the leader. His roles in banding newspapers, arresting the dissidents, inquiring and torturing the political prisoners and opposing the reform process, are very obvious and most Iranian see him as a great obstacle in relationship between Iran and America as well.


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