Saturday, June 21, 2003

Islamic republic under pressure
Obviously, This is the worst situation that cleric regime could be facing. Being under pressure from out and inside, which are working together harmoniously in order to topple the mullahs. In one hand United States is creating reasonable alibis to get legitimacy for possible attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities by putting finger on Iran’s ambitions to make a nuclear weapons. And in the other hand, Iranian students are orchestrating a gradual movement toward democracy and freedom. Interesting thing is that the both side, bush administration and Iranian students, are trying to avoid using violence and bloodshed. Americans have declared several times that they don’t have any plan to invade Iran. Student’s recent demonstrations reveal that they are sick and tired of violent behavior and brutality.
They don’t want another bloody revaluation. They are much more considerate than their last generation, who are blamed on bringing the brutal Islamic regime in power. A clear thing that is distinguishable between their behavior and their fathers and mothers achievement is that the last generation knew what they didn’t want but they didn’t know what they really want. Today people not only know what they don’t want also they are incredibly decided about what they want.


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