Saturday, April 10, 2004

Who gets benefit of Iraq’s current bloodshed?

Mr. Abtahai in his weblog is demonstrating that Iraq’s recent crisis is in favor of Americans and they get benefit of it more than anyone else. But if we look at the situation deeply we can see that US does not need this kind of disasters. Recent polls in America reveal that Bush’s popularity is going down day by day due to the death of American soldiers in Iraq. Majority of the people are against the war and want to be put end to it. Also Bush, in order to succeed in next election, needs to accomplish his mission in Iraq properly and finish the war with minimum casualties. At the beginning of the war there were lots of disapprovals by the politicians and people around the world, which have been reduced by falling down of Saddam’s statues and his capture.
Unlike Mr. Abtahi, I think Iran’s hard-liners are welcoming to any crisis in Iraq and the region more than any one else. The existence of their regime has always been depended on the convulsions. In Iraq’s case, it seems that they will also get benefit if America does not do well.
If Americans fail in their job in Iraq, the mullahs will be happiest people in the world. In that case they will be sure that neither Iranian nor the world will approve any further invasion of Iran by US army. They are also worried about Bush and his perilous administration. They really want to get rid of Bush and they are ready to do anything to achieve their goal. I strongly believe that Mullahs have been supporting extremist Shiite groups in Iraq for years and that was one the main reasons for starting the eight-year bloody war between Iran and Iraq. Now Mullahs can use these brain washed groups as a vehicle to destabilize Iraq in order to defeat George W Bush.


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