Sunday, January 25, 2004

The people don’t support Iran MPs

The MPs who are setting in parliament are not the real representatives of the people however they have been elected by them in undemocratic election. They think and act not much different from their hard- liner competitors. They obey the supreme leader and Iran’s unfair constitution. Despite of having majority and enough power in parliament, they did not bring any thing for the people. They just missed so many opportunities that could create serious challenge between them and conservatives in order to obtain great achievements. They did not respond and support the people’s demands and now they should not expect the people’s backing either.
People are so disappointed now. Once, they trusted Khatami, they elected him, hopping that he would bring democracy and freedom to Iran. In his first period, he seemed to be little bit successful and he had peoples support. The people believed that Khatami needed a strong parliament along to do his tasks better. Once again they participated in parliamentary election (4 years ago) massively and did their job as best as they could by electing the bad among the worse. They hoped that Parliament could be an effective arm for Khatami and his reform process by legislating new regulations and correcting the current laws. But unfortunately the MPs appeared far from the people’s suppositions. They even were not able to defend their own rights. Many of them were put in trial and they were about to be convicted and put in the jail. Almost all of their important bills, which could have helped reform process, were rejected by Guardian Council. They could have protested against Guardian Council's domination in so many occasions and I am sure that the people would have supported them enormously. But unfortunately they did nothing at all. Now, facing with their eliminations, they struggle to keep their ass. They need the people’s support badly especially at the time that the hard-liners are taking advantage of the people's ignorance. But who is supposed to support them?


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