Saturday, November 22, 2003

That is how it goes

Thousands of Georgian protestors stormed into the country's parliament, demanding for the resignation of President Eduard Shevardnadze and his government.
That is not the first time that the people of a country choose a reasonable way to get what they demand and deserve. After collapsing the former Soviet Union and falling the Berlin wall, we were witness to dozens of none violent power transfer in east European countries. Today the people around the world are very aware that the revolutions era is not belong to 21st century. They know that democracy and freedom are not achievable through the violence and bloodshed.
Being experienced of what is going on around the world, Iranian also came up to the same aspect. They have had suffered enough of consequences of aggression. They are following the same path. We all hope that some day attain what we ought to have. We are waiting for the day that millions of Iranians step out, without violence, and do what Georgians did today. Believe me, on that day nobody; even the most vicious mullahs would have any gut to hold back the people.


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