Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The story goes on!

Kharazi, Iran’s foreign minister, has given assurance to his Canadian counterpart that the trial of an intelligence agent charged in the death of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian journalist, will be open to participation by Ottawa and the journalist's family.
After about three month, finally Iranian officials found a way to calm down the Canadian government. Although at the beginning of the dispute between Iran and Canada, Canadians were asking to get the body of the victim for further investigation, now seem to be happy with Mullahs new game. Certainly, Mullahs, who are professional to manage this kind of trails, would be well prepared for the trail and that would be another show like what they did before. A bad guy, who is not really bad on the eyes of the Mullahs, will be convicted as a murder and he might even get death penalty at first trail but for sure in the appeal court his death penalty would be altered to lifetime prison or some thing like that. And due to Mullahs respect to human rights issue, he would probably be released after two or three years.
Well, this is the justice in Islamic Republic of Iran!


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