Thursday, September 04, 2003

Don’t trust Europeans!

Mr. Bill Graham, Canada’s foreign affair minister, met his French counterpart, Dominique de Villepin, as he pressed European allies to demand that Iran prosecute those responsible for the July 10 slaying of Zahra Kazemi. He also had discussions about this incident with German, British and Russian foreign ministers. Mr. Graham is familiar with Europeans’ tight economical relationship with Mullahs and he tries to get some help of them to solve the Kazemi’s death dilemma. His attempt is respectable for those who revere the human right and freedom. But he should understand that European leaders have not good reputation in such issues like this mysterious death. Tens of Iranian dissidents were killed in Germany, France, and England. Europeans did not take any efficient steps to bring the terrorists and murders in justice and most of the cases have been forgotten for years. Those cases and other issues like human right became as vehicles for them to get more advantage of mullahs and they have been using them in any suitable occasion.


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