Tuesday, August 05, 2003

War and war!

Yesterday, I watched Stanley Kramer’s magnificent movie “Judgment at Nuremberg”. This is the story of the "little guys," the judges and attorneys who didn't legislate Adolph Hitler's programs rather; they judged and sentenced them into effect. I don’t want to write about the movie itself. But something disturbed me when I was watching it. I was wondering how American attitudes have been change for decades. There is no doubt about what Hitler and his followers did and every body who believes in humanity must hate such those war criminals. After ending the war, the world’s reactions and Americans’ in particular, could have been much more worse and aggressive than what is happening in Iraq right now. At that time they were little bit respectful to the laws and they first judged the war criminals in legal courts and then put them in jail or executed the guiltiest people. However most of those courts were formalistic but at least there was somewhere that war prisoners could defend themselves.
Now in Iraq American even don’t attempt to catch the most wanted Iraqi leaders alive and that is bringing a lot of questions in minds. Why Americans are afraid of sentencing Iraqi leaders in war criminal courts? What consequences those courts could have? And …


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