Monday, August 04, 2003

Exchanging the lives

Iranian officials say that they will hand over the third-ranking member of Al-Qaeda to the United State, if only Americans surrender members of Mujahedeen to Iran.
I do believe that both Al-Qaeda and Mujahedeen Khlaq are the terrorist groups and they must be convicted in trail and be punished properly. There is no question about the faith of Al- Qaeda’s members. They are in custody and soon or late they will face justice and if they are really guilty, they will be punished. But how about the members of Mujahedeen. Who will judge them? Which curt in Iran has legitimacy to convict them?
In a country that its leaders were convicted as criminals and Interpol has been in the hunt for them for years, who can guarantee that Mujahedeen would face real justice?
That would be a great mistake if America hands over them to Iran. The people of Iran do not have any profound sympathy for Mujahedeen, but they will if America makes this fault.


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