Friday, July 18, 2003

Finally Iranian official has revealed that Zahra Kazemi, Iranian- Canadian journalist, has been beaten by her interrogators during her questioning. Despite of Iranian’s admission of murdering Kazemi and promising to bring the murders to the justice, Kazemi’s son is still persisting to get his mother’s body back to Canada in order to have further investigations and clarify the real cause of death. Canadian government also has warned Iran on this case and insistently demanded to have the assailants identified.
There is no doubt that this case is an obvious crime and whoever has done or ordered it must be faced the justice and be punished. But the question is how far this case would go and how Canada would react if Iran dose not respond to its demand? After all, who would guarantee that the murder or murders would be punished appropriately?
Justice in Iran is funny and meaningless thing. It is being manipulated by bunch of murders and devils and they turn it in their own direction at any time. In Iran terrorists, assassinators and murders are living freely and instead of them, the victims and the people who defend the rights of the victims are being convicted and put in the jails for long terms. The man, who shot on one of well-known reformist, Hajjarian, and almost led him to the death, now is the leader of the vigilances, which are being ordered, supported and fed by conservative Mullahs.


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