Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Killing is their job. They don’t care that the victim is an Iranian or an Iranian-Canadian or from somewhere else. They have been killing the people for more than twenty-four years and they know how to do it. They don’t even need any alibi to take somebody’s life. They have been murdering their opponent in all over the world from North America and Europe to Evin jail. Zahra Kazemi is lucky that her death’s news is being reported and followed by media around the globe. There are so many victims that no body even knows where their bodies have been buried. There are countless dissidents who have been missing for years and no body knows if they are still alive or not. There are lots of prisoners who have been forgotten for long time. But Zahra Kazemi’s death is different topic. She is Canadian as well and she has her son and her persistent government to trail her case. Both her son and Canadian government are insisting to get her corpse back to Canada. If they succeed in this battle they would be able to illustrate to the world what is happening in Iran and how brutal and evil is the Iranian cleric regime


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