Sunday, July 13, 2003

Khatami: 'We are not masters of the people but servants of this nation. If this nation says we don't want you, we will go,' Khatami was quoted as saying by the government-owned daily, Iran. 'That is the way a society should be.' Guardian
How should the people say that they don't want to be ruled by bunch of aggressive and merciless mullahs? Is Khatami blind or deaf? For more than two years, numerous open letters have been published by intellectuals to aware him how terrible and awful is the country's situation. Even some of his nearest followers in reform process have asked him to resign for several times. In recent demonstrations one of the major anti regime slogans was " Khatami resign, Khatami resign"?. What is he waiting for? Is he still insisting in his stupid and meaningless utopia of combining democracy and Islam?
He is still little bit cherished by Iranian. He shouldn't miss this opportunity


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