Sunday, July 27, 2003

Not a new one!

After being on the pressure by Canada for several days, Iranian officials reported that they have arrested 5 security agents in connection with the death of Zahra Kazemi. Though this may sounds reasonable for public opinion in outside of Iran and the people who don't know what is exactly happening in Iran, may be satisfied by this reaction. But we should be aware that the Mullahs are directing the same scenario, played for years. Killing the people, arresting a few selected persons as the murders, putting them in the jail for couple of years and then releasing them. We all remember what was happened to the court case of serial murders of intellectuals, a few years ago. They arrested some people and publicized it. They killed one of them who was the key element related to hardliners, and proclaimed that he committed suicide in the jail. They kept all the enigmas behind the case unrevealed and arrested the people such as journalists and lawyers who where writing and defending the rights of the victims.
Now is going to be the same situation, if Canada don't play any significant role. I believe Canada should persist on its demand of getting the body back. Canadian Officials should ask to be informed of any details related to the case, including the name of the people who committed and ordered this horrible crime. Disclosing this case could have a lot of positive effects on the reform process in Iran.


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