Sunday, July 20, 2003

There is no doubt about Ayatollahs ambitions of getting nuclear weapons; however, Mullahs are trying to show that they would only use the nuclear facilities to produce electricity. In order to get this job done, they have a very effective cover to keep the mouths shut up. Khatami, who was elected twice by Iranians, is properly playing his role as a protector of conservatives’ aims. His administrations are still insisting that Iran’s nuclear programs are peaceful and they neither have plan nor technology to obtain nuclear weapon.
But it is very obvious that Mullahs are trying to play the same role, which is being done by North Korean rulers. They are very conscious that having atomic bomb could help them to stay in power and no military invasion could take place against them. And also they know that they don’t have enough time. After Iraq, all worlds are focusing on Iran and its brutal rulers. Khatami has been doing his job for six years and he has quite successfully bought a lot of credits for Islamic Republic, but his time going to be up. He has only two years and no body knows what will happen in next election. Therefore Mullahs are trying to get the bomb as fast as they can. No mater how much it will cost for them. They are ready to spend money as much as they can and there are also some countries, which are ready to take advantage of this situation. Poor Iranians!


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