Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Yahoo news: Israel's Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz warned of the danger of Iran integrating its newly developed long-range missile technology with the nuclear capability which Israel charges it is developing.
Speaking a day after Iran inaugurated the Shihab-3, a new surface-to-surface missile that brings all of Israel within its reach, Mofaz said the integration of both capabilities would present a clear threat, army radio reported.

Iran’s stupid supreme leader has recently had another foolish speech against country’s national security. That is very funny. In Iran thinkers, journalists and students are being arrested by conservative clerics because of their believes and thoughts which are mostly for national affairs and country’s security. But the leader simply by his words leads Israel and America’s attention toward Iran. Exactly at the time that they are looking for any alibi to target Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Mr. Khamenei must ask Iranians for forgiveness for his silly words; however, every body in Iran knows that Rafsanjani is behind all of these policies. He is the most dangerous element versus Iran’s national security.


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