Saturday, July 26, 2003

Ottawa citizen: Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham made the offer yesterday in a diplomatic note to the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa. He was responding to Iran's attempts Thursday to draw a parallel between Zahra Kazemi's death in custody in Iran on July 10 and the fatal July 14 shooting by a Port Moody police officer of Keyvan Tabesh, an Iranian youth who was allegedly wielding a machete.
Though he rejected the analogy, Mr. Graham told reporters he would use the homicide inquiry and a planned coroner's inquest into Mr. Tabesh's death in B.C. to show Iran how democratic societies conduct such investigations. He urged Iran to follow its lead by giving Canadian officials access to an equally transparent investigation into how Ms. Kazemi died from a fractured skull.
Mr. Graham did a good job and showed how democratic country Canada is. But nobody either in Iranian Embassy in Ottawa or in Iran can respond to his demand. In Iran even president Khatami does not know what was exactly happened to Mrs. Kazemi. Iran’s mafia, on the control of Rafsanjani, manipulated every thing. Any national or international policy and reaction must be filtrated and approved by them. If even Katami knows about the case, he is not courageous enough to reveal this obvious crime. A few years ago when the Mafia killed several intellectuals in Iran, Katami couldn’t do any thing to bring the murders in justice and the officials slowly ignored the case. They arrested the lawyer of the victims’ family, who was following the case very seriously, and put him in the jail.
Kazemi’s case also will have the same destiny if Canada and global media don’t take it serious.


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