Friday, July 25, 2003

Canadian government has recalled its ambassador from Iran to consult about Zahra Khazemi’s death. If this is not just a formalistic answer, it could be a perfect and valuable reaction in order to force the Mullahs to comply with Canada’s demand for getting the victim’s body back.
I believe that isolating the cleric rulers in Iran is one of efficient ways to topple their regime. Economical and political sanctions by Canada and European countries could catalyze regime change in Iran. Most of Iran’s international trade is with Canada and Europe. If these countries boycott Mullahs, they cannot stay in power even for a year.
I know these countries get lots of advantage of dealing with Iran and they don’t want to lose it but they should now these trades only help the mullahs to get more money to stay in power and do whatever they have been doing for years. Iranians are not getting any proper assistance of this kind of commerce. Most of the trades are either in the hands of the corrupted government or the private companies which are highly connected to the conservative Mullahs.
We all remember the time that Iran's relations with the European Union became strained after a German court concluded in April 1997 that Iranian leaders had ordered the 1992 killing of four dissidents in Berlin's Mykonos restaurant. At that time most of western countries recalled their ambassadors from Iran and conservative Mullahs, who where on power, faced a real threat, but after a few month when the world media willingly ignored the case, all of them returned to Iran. Also Khatami’s victory in presidential election was another important element in taking that kind of step by the western countries.
But know is different time. We are in the post September 11 period. Most of western countries, including Canada are facing with a potential threat of terrorism, which is supported by such well-known regimes. Mullahs have been supporting and exporting terrorists for years. Zahra Kazemi is not the first or last victim. Their loyal men killed and are still looking for opportunity to kill innocent Iranians in Iran or all over the world.
This time the world should not ignore the problem. In a few days, European Union will review its relationship with Iran and it would be great occasion to isolate and cut off brutal Mullahs.


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