Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Canada Steps Back!

CBC NEWS: Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham, said the weekend arrest of five suspects is a positive sign that the Iranian government is cooperating and taking steps to find out who is responsible for Kazemi's July 10 death.
"All we want to do is apprehend those responsible for this death, and punish, whoever that is, not just some lower people," added Graham.

It seems Canada is calming down and Canadian Officials decided not to go to the depth of Kazemi’s horrible death. Apparently they appreciated Iran’s reaction and they are just waiting to have those 5 murders punished. However, Mr. Graham pointed out the main issue, sending back the corpse to Canada, but this matter also would be forgotten very soon if the Mullahs react little bit quicker by revealing the murders identity and reporting a prepared story as a detail.


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