Friday, August 08, 2003

Another Khomeini?

In last few days, Khomeini’s name, like 24 years ago (1979), appeared in most of western medias. Komeini’s grandson, Hossein Khomeini, in some of his recent interviews has exposed that he is willing to play a new role as a leader in Iran's politic, like what his grandfather did. His radical opinions about Iran's rulers and his support of any possible Americans military action on Iran made easier for him to be recognized.
He used to be a very crucial critic of Islamic Republic since very early days after Iran's 79'revolution. His grandfather put him out of politic because of his fanatic outlooks and his sympathy for MKO (Mujahedeen Khalgh). He had also very tight relationship with the former Iranian president (Abolhasan Banisadr). He faced a kind of exile and he was sent to Hozeh-e- Elmieh (Cleric School) to study more about religion rather than interfering in politic.
He has been ignored and forgotten for years but now suddenly his new voice is being heard from Iraq.
Some things are very obvious. He has no proper plan and no supporters either, to play any role in Iran's future. Most of ordinary people in Iran even don't know him well. His name would be another efficient challenge for him. Iranians are suffering now, because of what his grandfather did do and what he didn't. If even something like Iraq's scenario happens in Iran, he would not be able to get any important post. Iranians would not give any opportunity to such people like Khomeini to rise up again against them. As he has mentioned, it is better he wait for Imam Mahdi's resurrection to get something.