Thursday, August 07, 2003

A satire (Ebrahim Nabavi)

In many ways, Iran is very comparable to the other countries. Some of these similarities are in following list.
1- Similarity between Iran and Cuba: Iran’s parliament members are like Cuban authors. Both are not allowed to speak out freely.
2- Similarity between Iran and America: both countries are interfering in other countries internal affairs. America has power and does it properly but Iran does not.
3- Similarity between Iran and Sweden: In both countries prices are being double. This happens every 20-year in Sweden but in Iran every 2-year.
4- Similarity between Iran and Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s government is forcing freedom to the people and Iranian regime is appropriating it by force.
5- Similarity between Iran and Canada: In both countries Iranian doctors are taking care of patients.
6- Similarity between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Uzbekistan: No body knows why these regimes are called Republic!
7- Similarity between Iran and Egypt: Iranian and Egyptians are proud of their great histories and always talk about them. Egyptians do it while they are smoking water pipe and Iranians do it when they are smoking opium.
8- Similarity between Iran and Saudi Arabia: In both countries, the leaders are attempting to send the people to paradise by force. Saudis seem to be happy with it but Iranians don’t like it that much.
Full satire in persian


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