Monday, August 11, 2003

God’s will or Americans’ or …

Asked when he thought he might return to Iran, Hossein Khomeini replied 'Inshallah' - It is God's will.
These are the words of Komeini’s grandson who has recently exiled himself to Iraq. Two decades ago his grandfather who established the weirdest regime in the world called the United State the great Satan and began to lead the country through his diminutive aspects. However he and his regime appeared to be anti America and the slogan of death to America has been chanting for years, but in point of fact we cannot find any other country in the region working as beneficial as Iran for America’s advantages. Purposely or unintentionally, Iran’s rulers did what the Americans desired. Getting rid of the fast growing lefty political groups in Iran was one of America’s long-term wishes, which was completed by the hands of Iran’s rulers. I am not saying that Americans originated the Islamic regime in Iran but it’s very obvious that they could put a stop to it if they believed that mullahs were harmful for them.
Now every thing is very different. America and most western countries are facing with new threat. They are focusing on extremist regimes, which are highly creating or supporting the terrorist groups. They also need to keep the Middle East nonviolent. Having Saddam and Taliban gone, they turned their attention toward Iran and its most dangerous regime. It seems that this time America is taking the people's side. But this time something is totally different. The people are aware of what they really want and also they know how can achieve that. Americans are very aware of Iranian interest as well and they have already started supporting them.
If Iranians will works with God and America’s wills harmoniously, we will attain the freedom pretty soon.


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