Wednesday, September 03, 2003

1988, Summer, Iran!

Fifteen years ago, Mullahs in order to carry out Khomeinie ‘s Fatwa (religious order), killed thousands of political prisoners in jails. In a part of his order, Khomeini says: “every body, which is against us, must be executed. Wipe out the enemies of Islam as fast as you can.”
His order made happen one of the most brutish crime against humanity in Iran’s current history. They killed innocent men and women just because of their believes and thoughts. They raped young girls before executions. They did not allow the families of victims to bury their children or mourn for them.
Mullahs chose the best time to clean up the prisons. After ending the 8-year bloody war, they were afraid of any possible uprising opposed to their regime. Most of prisoners were kept in jails because of their opposition of continuing the war after conquest of Khoramshar. Mullahs were defeated awfully in war. Accepting the 598’s resolution was described by Khomeini, as drinking a glass of venom. They were very aware that the voice of political prisoners could be heard by people and it could motivate them. They tried to prevent wrath of people and create a frightening atmosphere in the country. They needed to have calm situation to start the new era of their ruling, which was described as reconstruction era. In order to obtain the absolute power, Iran’s huge Mafia system had to deal with western countries and they wanted to demonstrate that they did not have that much political prisoner. The painful thing is that most of European leaders, who describe themselves as human right protectors, closed their eyes on Mullahs criminal behavior just because of getting more advantage of them.
But people never forget such those crimes. They hope that they will put end on Mullahs regime pretty soon and bring all the criminals in justice.


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