Monday, September 15, 2003

After coup d'etat!

Let suppose we are living in 2010, 6 years after a coup- some thing like that in order to change the regime in Iran but not military invasion- against Mullahs in August 2004, orchestrated by America. We enjoy of a virtually democratic government, respecting human rights, performing enough freedom of speak out, recognizing different political parties and leading the country toward the progress and success. We don’t have political prisoners except for some former leaders and their people who are opposing the government violently and they don’t comply with the country's constitution.
In that case, what would be Iranians’ point of view about Americans who did help them to get rid of tyrannical regime? The answer is very clear and every body would have a high regard for them.
But we could have the same regard today, if they had not done that unpleasant coup d'état in August 1953.


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