Wednesday, September 10, 2003

All the Shah’s men

I have been challenging with “all the Shah’s men” for the last two weeks. That is a pretty reliable book with lots of facts and backgrounds of American coup d'état, happened in August 1953 against Dr.Mossadegh’s democratic government; however, it obsessed me so much. I read some books and articles about that event before, but it was the first time that I dealt with an American’s view of the coup. When I was reading the book I came across with lots of questions, why did Americans do that terrible thing to us? Why Eisenhower’s administration did not follow Truman’s policy in dealing with Mossadegh’s legitimate government? Why they didn’t allow Mossadegh to reinforce the bases of democracy in Iran, which could have had great impacts in whole region?
I strongly believe that if they hadn’t carried out that nasty coup, the world wouldn’t have faced with such dreadful events like Islamic revolution, Saddam’s dictatorship, Talibans’ arising and fast growing extremism. In that case, even Soviet Union would have collapsed much earlier.


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