Thursday, October 16, 2003

President Ebadi?

Without any doubt, I can say that, the winning of the Nobel peace prize is going to create a new atmosphere in Iran and motivate Iranians in the path of democracy. But the question is how Dr. Shirin Ebadi, winner of the peace prize, could be helpful and effective for her people in passing dangerous paths and doing the most challenging tasks?
She has been working on children and women rights in Mullahs regime for almost twenty years and she has a great experience in those issues. She has also been involved in politic indirectly. However she has never been a political activist or a member of any political groups or parties. As a lawyer, she has a good background as well. She defended the rights of well-know dissidents and victims in the most political trails.
But could all of these approve that she would be a good leader or president too? I say yes she might. Could she be successful? I say no.
Democracy like most other things is not an issue that you can create or fix it from top. It is a long-term process that could be achieved in years. We can make its term shorter and shorter if we concentrate on the main sources of democracy.
I think Ebadi as a lawyer and now as a peace attorney, should draw her friends, colleges and people’s attention toward changing the constitution. In order to achieve human rights and freedom, we need to rewrite our constitution. The people could consult this issue through the Internet too.


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