Saturday, October 04, 2003

Four Conditions

For the first time an Iranian official posed conditions for signing on to the additional protocol, which would allow the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) stricter control over the nuclear program and permission to inspect sites unannounced, with or without Tehran's approval. Hashemi Rafsanjani, Iran’s former president has imposed four conditions on signing the protocol. He says that Iran’s national security should not be endangered, Iran’s Islamic values and sacred sites should not be affected, military secrets unconnected with the nuclear program should not be revealed and the other countries should assist Iran with its civilian nuclear program.
Mullahs are very aware of the consequences of their refusal to sign the protocol and also they know what would happen if they sign it. These conditions seem to be quite reasonable but IAEA would not accept most of them. Inspecting the nuclear sites has noting to do with national security. In deed, not allowing IAEA to carry out its job could put Iran and the region in greater danger.
IAEA would not accept that sacred sites be out of its control. It is very clear that the mullahs could and would use this kind of sites to conceal some prohibited materials. Iranians and the most of the world know that the religion and people’s foolish believes are a handy vehicle in the hands of the Mullahs to save themselves from harm.
All mullahs’ attempt is to obtain the atomic bomb, a significant military weapon. IAEA should have access to all shady military sites in order to accomplish its job properly. The inspector would not make any exceptions.
But the fourth condition appears to be acceptable and also convenient for Iranians. Mullahs have been wasting lots of money on the nuclear power plants for years. Russia, as an individual contractor, has been taking advantage as much as it could. Having control of IAEA over the nuclear programs would encourage the other countries to invest and cooperate in the programs. However the people are aware of Mullahs’ ambitions but they would prefer to have the European or possibly American contractors rather than Russians with old and unsophisticated technology.


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