Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Willing to deal with each other

For years, Mullahs have been trying to find a way to put an end to their problem with American. After the end of 8-year bloody war between Iran and Iraq and death of Khomeini, Rafsanjani, Iran’s former president, in his presidential terms, which he called it “reconstruction era”, greatly needed to get some help from outside. He tried to open the dialog with Americans. In several interviews and speeches, he indirectly expressed his wishes. But his attempts did not work out and Americans did not respond his demands. He drove his attention toward Europeans and expanded Iran’s ties with EU.
Khatami’s appearance as a moderate and reformist president encouraged Clinton’s administration to take some initiative in order to soften the dilemmas. Maudlin Albright, former US secretary of state, officially apologized for America’s role, played in 1953 coup d'état against Mohammad Mossadegh’s legitimate government. They also asked Iran to support Israel and Palestine’s peace plan. It was a good occasion for reformist groups to take advantage of situation and move to the next step. But purposely or unintentionally, Khatami and his reformist government did not react properly and missed the opportunities. However there are always the groups in both sides, which are highly against any recuperation in relationship between two countries.
After September 11th event and starting a new era of American policy in Middle East, Mullahs have become more conscious that how America could threaten their regime and their power. Being willful to solve their problems with US, they took several steps to show their interests for negotiation. They indirectly cooperated with them in Afghanistan war. During the war they kept the borders closed, provided lots of intelligent aids, and allowed America’s air force to fly over the Iran’s borders. But despite of all their attempts, Bush branded them as a part of “Axis of Evils”, which was not so pleasant for them.
They also did not take any serious steps against the war in Iraq and they even supported it unofficially.
Now their fears are growing up. They are totally aware that their regime would be the next target. Despite of their insisting on not to sign the additional protocol of IAEA, they had to comply with it hoping that would be a positive step to calm down Americans. As result of that, they would also have Europeans’ supports in any possible attack against them.
But apparently, after Iran’s obedience, U.S. seems to be softer. The Bush administration assured Iran on Tuesday that the United States did not favor "regime change" in Tehran and signaled a new willingness to engage in a dialog with Iran over its nuclear program, its alleged support of terrorism and other issues.
Now mullahs are playing a new game. Bunches of highly wanted Taliban are kept in Iran and regime insists to not turn them over to America.


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