Thursday, January 01, 2004

Why so many people lost their life in Bam?

It is believed that more than 40000 people have died and ten thousands become homeless aftermath of a deadly earthquake, happened in December 26th in the city of Bam. It is not a first time that we are facing this kind of tragedy but we never got a proper lesson of them. After each disaster we tried to forget it as quickly as possible rather than thinking about the causes and taking initiatives to prevent such harms.
My point as a civil engineer, who used to work in Iran, is that we have sufficient abilities in Iran, technically and financially, to avoid these tragedies. Making the safe houses and cities, both technically and financially, is not much more complicated than attaining nuclear or other mass destruction weapons. But why we can't do that in Iran?
Basically the totalitarian regimes like Mullah's Islamic republic have no legitimacy among the people. This kind of regimes doesn't care about the people's opinion and even their existence. Having all of financial resources and incomes in their hands, Mullahs rule the country in their own way. They try to keep themselves in power and they don't care how much does it cost. Like any traditional dictatorship, Mullahs also see their existence depend on the military power. They spend millions on military projects such as producing mass destruction weapons and other facilities which most of them are not needed. By creating imaginary enemies, they try to convince the people that Iran needs such investing. However most of programs with high costs are top secret and people don't know any thing about them. You should add all extra costs to these expenses, goes to the pocket of some people as a result of corruption in whole system.
It is very clear that by having all these expenses, regime have no interest or even ability to change the people's life conditions. We have lots of cities and villages in Iran which are much more vulnerable and they possibly will be devastated by earthquake lower range than what we have experienced in Bam. Most of these cities could be reinforced against the quake by only some awareness and money. But unfortunately we are facing a regime, which blocks every efforts and change. As long as mullahs have power in Iran we will be witness many disasters like Bam's and the same story will go on and on.


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