Monday, July 29, 2002

Public confidence in Iran
IRNA: "Minister of Defense Rear Admiral Ali Shamkhani here Monday warned that Americans are trying to weaken considerably the confidence of the Iranian people and social groups to the government structure and to the ideology dominating the country's political establishment."
Mr. Shamkhani should notice that Americans don't need to do much to undermine the Islamic Republic of Iran or the people’s confidence, because the people of Iran have already shown that they don’t trust the government and cleric rulers any more. Now they are seeking freedom and human rights, which have been promised by Khatami’s government, in other ways. Obviously the government’s situation reveals that reform process is facing with a big obstacle and it seems that this administration either cannot or don’t want to do away with the problem and keep on its way to the democracy and freedom. Today the people of Iran need to be confident that they can achieve their aspirations and definitely the other nation’s supports could play a positive role in thire way.


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