Monday, April 12, 2004

Believe in spring

Open the windows
Breeze is celebrating the locusts’ birthday
And spring
Set alight the candles
On the each branch,
At the side of every leaf
All the swallows came back
And cried out the freshness

The alley has been occupied by songs
And cherry tree
Got the flowers ready
As a gift for locusts’ party.

Open the windows, my friend
Do you remember?
When the ground was burned
Due to a savage desire
Leaves blighted
Do you remember,
What the thirst did to the heart of soil?
Do you remember,
On the darkness of the long nights
What the slaps of chill did to the vine?
What the furious wind did to the hearts of white blooms?
Do you remember?

Believe in rain
And look at
The bounty in the eyes of prairie
And the compassion in the soul of breeze
She is celebrating the locusts’ birthday
In this tight alley
With her devoid hands

Soil has become alive.
Why you are so solid?
Why you are so bored?
Open the windows
Believe in spring.


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