Thursday, May 06, 2004


Finally I got a chance to see Dogville, Lars Von Trier’s new movie. I saw his pervious movie, Dancer in the dark, before and I was looking forward for this Danish filmmaker’s Dogville. Film, which was made in theatrical style, is presenting a small fictional town in Rocky Mountains with a few residences and telling a mystic story about a few people who live there. The story seems to be happened in the America’s depression era. 178 minutes is enough time for director to portray his characters and also enough time for audience to get involved in story and hate or love it. For the audiences who are bombarded by Hollywood’s colorful movies and mostly banal, watching this movie could be a torture specially if they are Americans. They are also invited to be challenged by the critical theme of the movie. There is not much entertainment in this movie; it is complicated and simple at the same time. Story takes you inside the souls of its characters and lets you judge about them in the end and depend on the point of views; there would be different judgments. For me it was a going over of the human condition and their reactions in difficult situations.
I took a long walk after I came out of the movie theater. I usually do this when I see a satisfactory and meaningful movie.


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