Friday, April 01, 2005

Forgotten felony

What a shame. Almost two years after Zahrah Kazemi’s horrible death, Canada’s foreign affair minister says Canada knew that Kazemi’s death was not caused by an accident. He had his comment after an Iranian doctor who was in charge of examining Kazemi in emergency room, represented a very disturbing and heart breaking testimony of Kazemi’s condition at the night she was taken to the hospital. Shahram Azam, former Iranian army doctor, said he examined Zahra Kazemi in a military hospital in Tehran on June 26, 2003, and noticed horrific injuries to her entire body that could only have been caused by torture and rape. It was just a few days after she was arrested for taking photographs outside a Tehran prison during student-led protests against the ruling theocracy.
There has never been a doubt that Kazemi has been murdered and the evidences represented by Dr. Azam are not so new for the people. But the thing the people, Iranians or Canadians, wants to know is why Canadian Government has been disregarding this obvious case of murdering for long time? Why they don’t help Kazemi’s only son to take the case in an international court in order to get justice done? Why they didn’t take serious steps to get Kazemi’s body back to Canada? Why they don’t recall Canadian ambassador in Iran? Why they don’t send back Iranian ambassador to Iran? Why they keep just talking instead of acting seriously? why they are shaking hands with devils??
I was watching the Dr. Azam’s testimony on TV. For me the most heart breaking part of it was the time Stephan Hashemi talked about being alone and helpless in persuading his mother’s case. He has been suffering a lot for almost two years. But as he said he would not give up his effort. Canadian Government must help him if they believe in justice and human rights.


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