Monday, July 12, 2004

Fahrenheit 9/11?

I saw Michael Moore's controversial movie yesterday. Fahrenheit 9/11 carries all the factors that a good movie needs. It is well-made, profound, artistic and entertaining movie. It is full of true stories and documents, which have been researched and put together by director very acceptably. You probably could not be disagreeing with any of Moores pleas. Every body knows that 9/11 created the best opportunity for Bush and his allies to do what they had been dreaming for years. Getting rid of Saddam and taking the control of the region was one of their long-term plans. There is no doubt that Bush installed Hammed Karzi in Afghanistan, in order to take advantages of his position and one of them could be the pipeline from Caspian see to Pakistan.
But some important points are missing in his movie. What would be the consequences of all this so-called messes? If Afghanistan and other countries along with Halliburton could get profit of some projects, why they should not? Who else is going to help Afghanistan? Who else is going to invest there? Mighty European countries?
How many years the Iraqi people should have waited to free their country and get rid of dictatorship? Let suppose American are there only for their own benefit and all the promises of freeing Iraq and bringing democracy are bullshit and they just want to install their own men on power for their further interests. Do you think they could be able to do whatever they want in Iraq? Do you think that Iraqi people are dull and they don't know what they want?
Michael Moores' outlooks are very unilateral and that makes his film little bit artificial and half-truths.


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