Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I haven’t been fully satisfied with any American movies for long time. I see and watch lots of Hollywood movies. I usually like some of them for some different reasons and even watch them over and over. But never get totally pleased with them. Today I saw Crash, a very stunning and spectacular movie of the year so far. A movie which, really touched my soul in some ways. The movie is impressive because it really shows how people are. How they crash to each others lives. It is very intense and deep because it leaves you amazed in the end about how people all affect each other even though they have their own separate lives. The story is well written despite of its very difficult outline. There are many characters in the movie and the way they get involved in the story, especially at the beginning, is little bit confusing. But if you be patient and follow the story you will find every thing perfect.
It is really must see movie and in advance, I give my vote to this movie for the best screenplay of the year.


At 12:28 AM, Blogger David said...

Davood, this seems very coincidental, but the theme of this movie sounds very similar to the theme of my new post, which I put up yesterday. My post is about how people have the power to effect positive changes in the lives of others. This movie sounds very interesting and I think that I would enjoy seeing it.

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At 7:06 AM, Blogger sallda said...

I really enjoyed this movie, it is strange how people can be linked again and again through what seem like random events, it happens to us all, and makes you wonder if there is more to these things than just coincidence, I saw a truck carrying hospital furniture one morning, as it turned it caught a red camaro (the driver was in it) on the left side quater, thinking no more about I drove on, I left town and headed out on the freeway, four hours later I stopped at a diner, as I sat there eating I glanced outside and saw the same truck in the carpark, I grinned at the coincidence, as I sipped my coffee I saw a red camaro pull up facing the window, I thought no, it reveresed back and I saw the mark on the left side panel where earlier it was hit, what are the odds that three people should cross paths almost 300 miles away from the point of first contact on the same day, a part from the fact that we are on the same road there are loads of diners that each of us could have stopped at but we stopped at this one.

At 10:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


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