Sunday, April 10, 2005


Yesterday I attended to a lecture, represented by an Iranian- American professor, Dr. Astaneh. He was chosen as the Principal Investigator of the research project on the collapse of the WTC after barbaric terrorist attack in September, 11. His lecture was in two parts. First part was about his investigations on WTC and in the second period he talked about Bam earthquake.
The first topic was interesting for me in some instances. He indicated some of the reasons for collapsing the WTC. He said: “One of the main reasons was the insufficient use of substances for insulating the buildings' metal bars. When these towers were being built, the Mafia was very powerful and was involved in the construction of the WTC. Using the insufficient insulation materials because of high costs was one of the results of this involvement. Also, no permission was needed from the municipality for constructing these buildings. Not having any inspections caused these problems. We showed in computer based software that if all technical matters had been followed completely with standards, the crash of planes into the buildings would have only damaged the upper part of the twin towers and would not have caused, in any way, the collapse of the towers. I once said that if we were given a few years to plan for the collapse of the towers as they did, we would not have succeeded. The crash of the planes into the buildings caused the ensuing fire. The jet fuel was only enough for 5 minutes of the fire. Papers and computers also played important roles in the ensuing fire. If all standard points were followed, the wings of the planes would not have been able to enter the towers. 80% of the jet fuel is under the wings. All these and many more technical reasons caused the collapse of the Twin Towers.”


At 7:03 PM, Blogger noiseformind said...

Quer dizer... estão a fazer uma palestra sobre as deficiências ténicas de um edifício? É isso que para vocês interessa? Não quero ser chato mas o eidifício, de um ponto de vista puramente estrutural aguentou muito mais do que estava no projecto inicial. Nem no relatório da comissão independente nem no relatório da comissão do Senado falam de qualquer problematica no isolamento do eficídio. Por exemplo, as torres petronas tÊm um coeficiente de torção INFERIOR ao WTC, tipo... duuuuuh... e agora se elas levarem com um avião vou dizer " Hã, foi por causa das deficiências de construção?"

Olha, já que estámos a delirar então vou dizer que se em Bann existem terramotos se calhar era bom as pessoas não viverem lá. Não faz sentido dizer isto pois não?
Então deverias arranjar qq coisa melhor para justificar o colapso das torres, tipo, os 2 AVIÕES que chocaram contra elas?????????????

É por causa destas atitudes que o Irão se está a tornar um pais ortodoxo...



At 2:57 AM, Blogger David said...

Davood, the lecture by Dr. Astaneh must have been very interesting. I would have liked to hear it, also. I saw a documentary on TV about the WTC collapse. It may have been an episode of Public Television's Nova series. I recall that the floor joists connecting the outer skin structure of the building to the inner core structure sagged due to the heat of the fire. The joists were connected at each end by only two bolts. The bolts were sized appropriately for shear loading, however, the combined shear and tension (caused by the sagging of the joists) caused the bolts to fail. Once enough of these connections had popped, the building began to collapse due to the loss of lateral bracing of the outer skin structure. The TV show did not indicate that the insulation on the joists was insufficient, rather, it suggested that the insulation had been blown away by the impact and explosion of the planes. However, I do not doubt what Dr. Astaneh said. It would not surprise me if much of that insulation was improperly applied. I am not sure, though, that correctly applied insulation would have made a difference. The impact and explosion may still have blown the insulation away. I would be interested in reading more about Dr. Astaneh's research.

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