Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Talk show

Boston based radio station, 90.9 Wbur, has recently had an interesting interview and talk show with Marjaneh Satrapi about her new book Persepolis 2. This book is the second part of her autobiographical comic tales of living both in restricted Iran and free European countries. I read her first book, Perespolis 1 last year. In Perespolis 1 she portrayed her girlhood during the revolution and following Iran-Iraq War and in second book she tells about her teenage experiences in western countries.
You can listen to this radio show here.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

Hostage Taking

Once again Mullahs provided evidence that they have no respect to human rights and even to their own flawed laws. They have arrested a 62 years old man, the father of a well-known journalist and bloger, Sina Motallebi, in order to suppress his son and force him to shut his mouth up. Two weeks ago, Sina warned Iranian internet activists of regime’s aim on cracking down political websites and arresting their writers and providers. A few days after his caution, Islamic regime arrested three journalists and weblogers.
After banning tens of newspapers and putting many journalists in jail, Mullahs drove their attention toward the internet. They initiated by filtering the popular websites and web logs but because of their poor knowledge and massive capability of internet, they did not succeed. Now they are trying to harass the people, internet users and activists. They started with established and popular sites. Sina and his web log are renowned among the Iranian internet users. He is the first webloger who was arrested and interrogated, a year and half ago for his articles, published on his web log. Living in Holland freely encouraged him to be more frank and outspoken. He revealed the details of his detention and behavior of his interrogators and warned the others to be more cautious. It’s clear that Mullahs would not tolerate him. Not being able to get to Sina they took his father as a hostage. Unfortunately, he is not in good health and his life is highly at risk in the hands of inhuman Mullahs.

Thursday, September 09, 2004

I am back

I‘d like to apologize my fellow readers for not updating my blog during past couple of months. I have been very busy with my life recently. Fortunately, I am back on track again and will try to have more posts in coming days and months.