Sunday, September 28, 2003

Ayatollah Beckham!

A few days ago, in order to protect the Islam from invasion of western culture, David Beckham’s photo was blacked out on a billboard in Tehran. It was the first time of bringing a foreign face into play.
It is very obvious that how significant role the advertisement industry play in the world trade. Companies are spending billions of dollars to promote their products. In Iran also for a few recent years, some companies have been focusing on ads as an important element. There are many of billboards in the big cities, pictured by famous faces such as movie stars and sport men. But despite all attention, one of the most challenging things for Iran’s Industry is public notice. Lots of distasteful restraints in making good and attractive ads cause millions of dollars of detriment for businesses. Limitation in using sex factor in ads is the most harmful one.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The story goes on!

Kharazi, Iran’s foreign minister, has given assurance to his Canadian counterpart that the trial of an intelligence agent charged in the death of Zahra Kazemi, a Canadian-Iranian journalist, will be open to participation by Ottawa and the journalist's family.
After about three month, finally Iranian officials found a way to calm down the Canadian government. Although at the beginning of the dispute between Iran and Canada, Canadians were asking to get the body of the victim for further investigation, now seem to be happy with Mullahs new game. Certainly, Mullahs, who are professional to manage this kind of trails, would be well prepared for the trail and that would be another show like what they did before. A bad guy, who is not really bad on the eyes of the Mullahs, will be convicted as a murder and he might even get death penalty at first trail but for sure in the appeal court his death penalty would be altered to lifetime prison or some thing like that. And due to Mullahs respect to human rights issue, he would probably be released after two or three years.
Well, this is the justice in Islamic Republic of Iran!

Monday, September 15, 2003

After coup d'etat!

Let suppose we are living in 2010, 6 years after a coup- some thing like that in order to change the regime in Iran but not military invasion- against Mullahs in August 2004, orchestrated by America. We enjoy of a virtually democratic government, respecting human rights, performing enough freedom of speak out, recognizing different political parties and leading the country toward the progress and success. We don’t have political prisoners except for some former leaders and their people who are opposing the government violently and they don’t comply with the country's constitution.
In that case, what would be Iranians’ point of view about Americans who did help them to get rid of tyrannical regime? The answer is very clear and every body would have a high regard for them.
But we could have the same regard today, if they had not done that unpleasant coup d'état in August 1953.

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

All the Shah’s men

I have been challenging with “all the Shah’s men” for the last two weeks. That is a pretty reliable book with lots of facts and backgrounds of American coup d'état, happened in August 1953 against Dr.Mossadegh’s democratic government; however, it obsessed me so much. I read some books and articles about that event before, but it was the first time that I dealt with an American’s view of the coup. When I was reading the book I came across with lots of questions, why did Americans do that terrible thing to us? Why Eisenhower’s administration did not follow Truman’s policy in dealing with Mossadegh’s legitimate government? Why they didn’t allow Mossadegh to reinforce the bases of democracy in Iran, which could have had great impacts in whole region?
I strongly believe that if they hadn’t carried out that nasty coup, the world wouldn’t have faced with such dreadful events like Islamic revolution, Saddam’s dictatorship, Talibans’ arising and fast growing extremism. In that case, even Soviet Union would have collapsed much earlier.

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Don’t trust Europeans!

Mr. Bill Graham, Canada’s foreign affair minister, met his French counterpart, Dominique de Villepin, as he pressed European allies to demand that Iran prosecute those responsible for the July 10 slaying of Zahra Kazemi. He also had discussions about this incident with German, British and Russian foreign ministers. Mr. Graham is familiar with Europeans’ tight economical relationship with Mullahs and he tries to get some help of them to solve the Kazemi’s death dilemma. His attempt is respectable for those who revere the human right and freedom. But he should understand that European leaders have not good reputation in such issues like this mysterious death. Tens of Iranian dissidents were killed in Germany, France, and England. Europeans did not take any efficient steps to bring the terrorists and murders in justice and most of the cases have been forgotten for years. Those cases and other issues like human right became as vehicles for them to get more advantage of mullahs and they have been using them in any suitable occasion.

Wednesday, September 03, 2003

1988, Summer, Iran!

Fifteen years ago, Mullahs in order to carry out Khomeinie ‘s Fatwa (religious order), killed thousands of political prisoners in jails. In a part of his order, Khomeini says: “every body, which is against us, must be executed. Wipe out the enemies of Islam as fast as you can.”
His order made happen one of the most brutish crime against humanity in Iran’s current history. They killed innocent men and women just because of their believes and thoughts. They raped young girls before executions. They did not allow the families of victims to bury their children or mourn for them.
Mullahs chose the best time to clean up the prisons. After ending the 8-year bloody war, they were afraid of any possible uprising opposed to their regime. Most of prisoners were kept in jails because of their opposition of continuing the war after conquest of Khoramshar. Mullahs were defeated awfully in war. Accepting the 598’s resolution was described by Khomeini, as drinking a glass of venom. They were very aware that the voice of political prisoners could be heard by people and it could motivate them. They tried to prevent wrath of people and create a frightening atmosphere in the country. They needed to have calm situation to start the new era of their ruling, which was described as reconstruction era. In order to obtain the absolute power, Iran’s huge Mafia system had to deal with western countries and they wanted to demonstrate that they did not have that much political prisoner. The painful thing is that most of European leaders, who describe themselves as human right protectors, closed their eyes on Mullahs criminal behavior just because of getting more advantage of them.
But people never forget such those crimes. They hope that they will put end on Mullahs regime pretty soon and bring all the criminals in justice.