Sunday, June 30, 2002

Vacation …

One day, God decides to go vacation. He asks his Angels to recommend a suitable place for vacation.
One of the Angels suggests the Venus.
God says: “ oh no, I was there 10000 years ago. It was too hot and my skin burned badly.”
The other Angel says: “ How about Jupiter?”
God says: “ no … no don’t talk about it. I went there 5000 years ago. It was too cold and I had my ass frozen.
The third Angel says: “ The earth.”
God gets mad and says: “ Oh no Oh no. That is the worst place in the universe. I went there once, almost 2000 years ago. The people are still accusing me of having sex with a Jewish girl.

Iran Caravan

Iran caravan is a magnificent site about Iran’s nature, geography, history, culture, arts and tourist attractions. This site has been accomplished base of Dr Hassan Zendehdel’s researches, which has been written for several years. He has also published a lot of books about Iranian cultural heritages.