Saturday, August 31, 2002

Iran's government spokesman Abdullah Ramezanzadeh said the U.S. team may have decided against competing in Iran because Iranian authorities would have fingerprinted its members.
"U.S. officials occasionally behave in the same manner with our wrestlers (by fingerprinting them). Maybe (the fingerprinting) is why they decided not to come," he said. Ramezanzadeh said no security concerns exist for teams taking part in the Sept. 5-7 event. All nations are aware that "security is prevailing in the Islamic Republic".More...

Thursday, August 29, 2002

Despite Iran’s recent cooperate with America in handing over 16 Al Qaeda fighters to Saudi Arabia, once again U.S. replicated its warn against Iran not to harbor terrorist. Base of some unreliable Arab intelligent sources, U.S. claimed that two Al Qaeda deputies, who are on FBI’s most-wanted list, are being hosted in Iran. More...

Monday, August 26, 2002

USA Wrestling will not send a team to the world freestyle wrestling championships in Iran next month because the U.S. government warned of possible threats to the athletes. USA Wrestling president Stan Dziedzic said the decision was made Sunday following a conference call with members of the group's executive committee. USA Wrestling also asked FILA, the international wrestling federation, to move the Sept. 5-7 championships from Tehran to another location. ( NJ.COM )
Oh, what a complicated diplomacy. It seems that Washington has no steady policy on dealing with Iran, exactly as same as what is going on in Tehran. In the situation like this that Iran could play an efficient role in toppling Sadam's regime, this decision should just be considered as a stupid action.

Sunday, August 25, 2002

"The people of Iran now know how to say `Death to the regime'.They still don't know how to complete, `Long live ...'" WASHINGTON (AP)
There is no doubt that Pahlavi monarchy is much more popular than cleric regime in Iran. Most of the elderly people regret involving in revolution and their kids blame them for it. But that is just in comparing two different systems, which were experienced in different times and situations. It does not approve that Iranians are interested in going back and establishing a regime like pervious one. I think Reza pahlavi is aware of this issue very well and that’s why he says that people don’t know how to complete “ long live …”. Today’s people are so cautious and they don’t trust any body simply.

Saturday, August 24, 2002

TEHRAN: An Iranian court has convicted a theatre director for promoting immoral conduct because a scene in one of his plays showed a man forcing his sick wife to drink wine to hasten her death. The court fined French-educated director Ali Rafii 1.5 million rials and gave him a suspended a two-year ban from the theatre after ruling that the scene promoted wine drinking. "I am shocked by the court's ruling," Rafii said yesterday, adding that he had appealed against the sentence. "What I showed aimed to denounce wine and not to promote it, because it was introduced as a killing instrument to speed up her death."
The play, Shazdeh Ehtejab (Prince Ehtejab) is a social drama based on a novel by Iranian author Houshang Golshiri in which the prince commits suicide after killing his wife.

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Iran's government is denying it has any plan to declare a state of emergency to counter perceived threats from the United States.
State of emergency is not a new issue in Iran. Iranians have been struggling with this situation for 23 years. In fact Iran is always in this condition. Giving no freedom to speak out, no personal freedoms even to chose favorite dresses, banding all reformist papers, putting the journalists in jail, killing dissidences, creating a simulated enemy, ruling a despotic system and etc. all are symptoms of a emergency situation in Iran.

Monday, August 19, 2002

Iran continues to perceive Iraq as the primary source of threat to its national security. In its eight-year war against Iran, Iraq rained Scud missiles on Iranian cities and used poison gas against Iran, inflicting at least a quarter of a million deaths. Since the war ended in 1988, there has been no peace treaty between them. More...
Almost 20 years ago, when Iraq attacked Iran and 8-year bloody war between two countries started, Khomeini said that Sadam had to be moved from Iraq and his word became the main reason to continue the war. Now after many years, America wants to lead komeini’s aspiration in reality.

Sunday, August 18, 2002

ab-a-cus (ab'e kuz) n., pl. -cusus || Old Norse abba, aba + cus || any swedish swear word, often sung
ab-a-lo-ne (ab'e lo'ne) n. || Italian abdomen, ab + ballooni, bologna || 1 fat under the skin that keeps folks from seein' my six-pack 2 anything that hides the what I want people to see (EX.: "Abalone, Kennyboy we didn't have a relationship until 1995")
ab-di-cate (ab'di kat) vt., vi. -cated, cat'-ing || unknowed || n. something I catch Dick Cheney whispering in my ear in the middle of the night
bac-chanal (bach' uh nal')n. || OE baec, back + [L] anal, poop shoot || 1 an unofficial pathway for contacting a putatively hostile person or unrecognized government (EX.: Dick Cheney says I can't call Osama from the Oval Office. I have to go throughbacchanals, like the Saudis or Kuwaitis.) 2 (bacch-a'nal) somethin' I experimented with in college

Thursday, August 15, 2002

VOA: "There was a lot of wishful thinking on their part that they could really talk and the conservatives, the theocratic government's proponents, would simply listen to them and change their ways, which was very naive," said Said Arjomand, professor of sociology at the State University of New York. "The reformers are still not organized effectively. They have not been able to exert any pressure on the regime, and slowly there has been this demoralization. The people are tired of waiting."
They are also lacking an effective leader, says Professor Arjomand. President Khatami has not lived up to expectations. He appears to be more suited to the classroom than to the rough and tumble of politics.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Iranian President Mohammad Khatami will meet his Afghan counterpart, Hamid Karzai, on Tuesday when the Iranian leader makes his first visit to Kabul since the Taleban were overthrown.
This visit could be another valuable opportunity for Katami to take initiative in relationship with united state. American backed Hammed Karzi’s government can play a big role in delivering messages between two countries. Iran’s cooperating with Americans in the war against Taliban, supporting the Karzai’s interim government, handing over al Qaedas members to Saudi Arabia and Bush’s recent words about Iranian reformist group, all are positive issues that could be pointed out and discussed.

Sunday, August 11, 2002

CNN:Prince Saud al-Faisal, said in an interview that 16 al Qaeda members were expelled to Saudi Arabia by Iranian authorities. "We asked (the Iranians) to hand them over and they did," he said. "Iran has not only cooperated with Saudi Arabia in this conflict in Afghanistan but cooperated extensively with the United States."

Handing over al Qaedas members to Saudi Arabia could be a good respond by Khatami’s administration to president Bush’s recent speech and his indirect support of reformist group in Iran. Also it could be an effective step to attain the relationship with united stats.

Friday, August 09, 2002

Ebrahim Nabavi (an Iranian satirist):
Every country is using different ways to censor its authors or filmmakers. The following shows some materials, which are used by some countries.
USA: By TV. They talk and show advertiesments too much in order to make the censored subject unclear.
England: By eraser. Gently and quietly.
France: They don’t censor but they promote American culture more than themselves.
Saudi Arabia: By cleric leaders.
Al Emirate: They don’t write any thing that has to be censored.
Afghanistan: Instead of censoring, the government is being censored.
Turkey: They don’t allow the authors to take their pens to their cells with.
Pakistan: They attack the author all together and censor and bury him utterly.
Iran: by horror.

Wednesday, August 07, 2002

Forugh Farrokhzad:(1935-1967)
A real revolution is, in fact, shaking the foundations of Iranian society, a revolution with women at its very center. Veiled or unveiled, Iranian women are reappraising traditional spaces, boundaries, and limits. They are renegotiating old sanctions and sanctuaries. They are challenging male allocations of power, space, and resources. Exercising increasing control over how reality is defined, they are redefining their own status. It is in this context of the negotiation of boundaries that the veil is now worn by some women, not to segregate, but to desegregate.The genealogy of this revolution can be traced back more than a century. Women writers, at the forefront of this movement, have consistently spoken the previously unspoken, articulated the once unarticulated. Their voices can be heard loud and clear in their literature. And the formerly silent, the supposedly invisible have discovered surprising resources in their reappropriated voices and presences and sheer dynamism of their mobility. In the words of one poet, Forugh Farrokhzad:

Why should I stop, why?
The birds have gone off to find water ways,
the horizon is vertical and moving is rocketing.
shining planets spin
at the edge of sight
why should I stop, why?
View the complete poem

Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Goethe: In his poetry Hafiz has inscribed undeniable truth indelibly ... Hafiz has no peer!
A Ghazal of Hafiz
O beautiful wine-bearer, bring forth the cup and put it to my lips
Path of love seemed easy at first, what came was many hardships.
With its perfume, the morning breeze unlocks those beautiful locks
The curl of those dark ringlets, many hearts to shreds strips.
In the house of my Beloved, how can I enjoy the feast
Since the church bells call the call that for pilgrimage equips.
With wine color your robe, one of the old Magi’s best tips
Trust in this traveler’s tips, who knows of many paths and trips.
The dark midnight, fearful waves, and the tempestuous whirlpool
How can he know of our state, while ports house his unladen ships.
I followed my own path of love, and now I am in bad repute
How can a secret remain veiled, if from every tongue it drips?
If His presence you seek, Hafiz, then why yourself eclipse?
Stick to the One you know, let go of imaginary trips.

Sunday, August 04, 2002

Middle East Newsline: In a move that underlines their deep disagreement over the energy-rich region, Russia has excluded Iran from major military exercise in the disputed Caspian Sea.
Instead, Russia has invited other Caspian Sea nations. They are Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.More

Thursday, August 01, 2002

CNN World: "We have long been concerned that Iran's only interest in nuclear civil power, given its vast domestic energy resources, is to support its nuclear weapons program," the US energy secretary said.
The ayatollahs are looking for a nuclear weapon and there is no question on it. They may not have short time plan to get it but its pretty clear that they will obtain it some day. Iran has the second extensive natural gas resources in the world and it is one of the riches countries in oil sources as well. Spending lots of money on a nuclear power plant, which costs considerably more than the other kinds, makes a big question that why they are insisting to build it?