Sunday, August 31, 2003

Who killed Hakim?

Four people were arrested in charge of operating last Friday’s dreadful car bombing. Two of the suspects were said to be members of the former Iraqi regime from Basra, while the others were non-Iraqi Arabs who subscribed to the puritanical Wahhabi Muslim faith and possibly members of Al-Qaeda. That is the easiest solution for this dilemma and also believable for the people around the world. But what is the reality behind it? Who could get advantage of such events like this? USA, which is worried about the unity of Shiite groups in Iraq? Extremists Iraqi Shiites who opposed America’s authorities? Or Iran’s Mullahs who are afraid of establishing a secular and democratic regime in Iraq?

Saturday, August 30, 2003

Supported terrorists!

Hadi Soleimanpour, Iran's former ambassador to Argentina was detained August 21 in northern England, where he was studying at a local university on a student visa.
What does “supporting terrorism,” mean? A guy, who has recently been convicted as a mastermind of horrible 94’ terrorist attack on Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, was freely studying in England by using scholarship, gifted from Islamic Republic. Mullahs have tons of people like Soleimanpour around the world. A few days ago, in a secret meeting, Khamenei, ordered to his men to recall the former terrorist to Iran. Most of them have been living or studying abroad for years and they may not agree to go back to Iran. Iran’s rulers are very worried about the consequences of this kind of detentions. They are aware that their men have limited persistence and in case of being arrested, they may possibly confess to some events, which would not be so pleasant for Mullahs.

Wednesday, August 20, 2003

Back again!

Finally, I‘ve got my weblog back. It was hacked on last Thursday by some one from Iran and I was not able to post any thing for a few days. I couldn’t find out what his or her purpose was on hacking my poor blog but I am happy that he did not delete its archive.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Unsuccessful Khatami

Mr. Khatami disclosed that reform process has been failed. However there was no necessity to repeat the thing which was too clear for people. Despite that he said he wouldn’t break his promise to the people who largely voted him. He added that he would continue to promote democracy in Iran.
It seems that Khatami is getting the news and country's important challenges little bit late. Tons of open letters have been written to put him in the picture and in many demonstrations people asked him to resign and divulgehe the things happening behind the veils. But he seems to be either too patient or very cowardly to stand counter to the hard liners. And if you believe in theory of conspiracy you would say there is no different between him and the other brutal mullahs except in the way using to calm the people down.

Monday, August 11, 2003

God’s will or Americans’ or …

Asked when he thought he might return to Iran, Hossein Khomeini replied 'Inshallah' - It is God's will.
These are the words of Komeini’s grandson who has recently exiled himself to Iraq. Two decades ago his grandfather who established the weirdest regime in the world called the United State the great Satan and began to lead the country through his diminutive aspects. However he and his regime appeared to be anti America and the slogan of death to America has been chanting for years, but in point of fact we cannot find any other country in the region working as beneficial as Iran for America’s advantages. Purposely or unintentionally, Iran’s rulers did what the Americans desired. Getting rid of the fast growing lefty political groups in Iran was one of America’s long-term wishes, which was completed by the hands of Iran’s rulers. I am not saying that Americans originated the Islamic regime in Iran but it’s very obvious that they could put a stop to it if they believed that mullahs were harmful for them.
Now every thing is very different. America and most western countries are facing with new threat. They are focusing on extremist regimes, which are highly creating or supporting the terrorist groups. They also need to keep the Middle East nonviolent. Having Saddam and Taliban gone, they turned their attention toward Iran and its most dangerous regime. It seems that this time America is taking the people's side. But this time something is totally different. The people are aware of what they really want and also they know how can achieve that. Americans are very aware of Iranian interest as well and they have already started supporting them.
If Iranians will works with God and America’s wills harmoniously, we will attain the freedom pretty soon.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Another Khomeini?

In last few days, Khomeini’s name, like 24 years ago (1979), appeared in most of western medias. Komeini’s grandson, Hossein Khomeini, in some of his recent interviews has exposed that he is willing to play a new role as a leader in Iran's politic, like what his grandfather did. His radical opinions about Iran's rulers and his support of any possible Americans military action on Iran made easier for him to be recognized.
He used to be a very crucial critic of Islamic Republic since very early days after Iran's 79'revolution. His grandfather put him out of politic because of his fanatic outlooks and his sympathy for MKO (Mujahedeen Khalgh). He had also very tight relationship with the former Iranian president (Abolhasan Banisadr). He faced a kind of exile and he was sent to Hozeh-e- Elmieh (Cleric School) to study more about religion rather than interfering in politic.
He has been ignored and forgotten for years but now suddenly his new voice is being heard from Iraq.
Some things are very obvious. He has no proper plan and no supporters either, to play any role in Iran's future. Most of ordinary people in Iran even don't know him well. His name would be another efficient challenge for him. Iranians are suffering now, because of what his grandfather did do and what he didn't. If even something like Iraq's scenario happens in Iran, he would not be able to get any important post. Iranians would not give any opportunity to such people like Khomeini to rise up again against them. As he has mentioned, it is better he wait for Imam Mahdi's resurrection to get something.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

A satire (Ebrahim Nabavi)

In many ways, Iran is very comparable to the other countries. Some of these similarities are in following list.
1- Similarity between Iran and Cuba: Iran’s parliament members are like Cuban authors. Both are not allowed to speak out freely.
2- Similarity between Iran and America: both countries are interfering in other countries internal affairs. America has power and does it properly but Iran does not.
3- Similarity between Iran and Sweden: In both countries prices are being double. This happens every 20-year in Sweden but in Iran every 2-year.
4- Similarity between Iran and Afghanistan: Afghanistan’s government is forcing freedom to the people and Iranian regime is appropriating it by force.
5- Similarity between Iran and Canada: In both countries Iranian doctors are taking care of patients.
6- Similarity between Islamic Republic of Iran and Republic of Uzbekistan: No body knows why these regimes are called Republic!
7- Similarity between Iran and Egypt: Iranian and Egyptians are proud of their great histories and always talk about them. Egyptians do it while they are smoking water pipe and Iranians do it when they are smoking opium.
8- Similarity between Iran and Saudi Arabia: In both countries, the leaders are attempting to send the people to paradise by force. Saudis seem to be happy with it but Iranians don’t like it that much.
Full satire in persian

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

War and war!

Yesterday, I watched Stanley Kramer’s magnificent movie “Judgment at Nuremberg”. This is the story of the "little guys," the judges and attorneys who didn't legislate Adolph Hitler's programs rather; they judged and sentenced them into effect. I don’t want to write about the movie itself. But something disturbed me when I was watching it. I was wondering how American attitudes have been change for decades. There is no doubt about what Hitler and his followers did and every body who believes in humanity must hate such those war criminals. After ending the war, the world’s reactions and Americans’ in particular, could have been much more worse and aggressive than what is happening in Iraq right now. At that time they were little bit respectful to the laws and they first judged the war criminals in legal courts and then put them in jail or executed the guiltiest people. However most of those courts were formalistic but at least there was somewhere that war prisoners could defend themselves.
Now in Iraq American even don’t attempt to catch the most wanted Iraqi leaders alive and that is bringing a lot of questions in minds. Why Americans are afraid of sentencing Iraqi leaders in war criminal courts? What consequences those courts could have? And …

Monday, August 04, 2003

Exchanging the lives

Iranian officials say that they will hand over the third-ranking member of Al-Qaeda to the United State, if only Americans surrender members of Mujahedeen to Iran.
I do believe that both Al-Qaeda and Mujahedeen Khlaq are the terrorist groups and they must be convicted in trail and be punished properly. There is no question about the faith of Al- Qaeda’s members. They are in custody and soon or late they will face justice and if they are really guilty, they will be punished. But how about the members of Mujahedeen. Who will judge them? Which curt in Iran has legitimacy to convict them?
In a country that its leaders were convicted as criminals and Interpol has been in the hunt for them for years, who can guarantee that Mujahedeen would face real justice?
That would be a great mistake if America hands over them to Iran. The people of Iran do not have any profound sympathy for Mujahedeen, but they will if America makes this fault.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

Pressure on film makers

Jafar Panahi, a well-known Iranian film director, was summoned by revolutionary court for couple of times in last week. Recalling the authors and artists is very usual issue these days, but this time there is something different. Now they put their fingers on some prominent individuals, whose names are known in abroad as well. Mullahs are trying to keep the months shut up and in order to attain it they put the pressure on intellectuals and thinkers. Jafar Panahi is also famous for being outspoken and expressing his opinions about the censor and difficulties that film directors are facing in the Mullahs’ regime.

Friday, August 01, 2003

Another victim

On Tuesday, an Iranian website disclosed that Hasan Ahmadzade, a student, was killed in custody by intelligent officers. This sad news, for the first time, has been reported by a member of Iran’s parliament. So far nobody has denied it. It seems to be true. Another Iranian MP, Ali Hosseini, revealed some more details about it in his speech in parliament.