Sunday, January 25, 2004

The people don’t support Iran MPs

The MPs who are setting in parliament are not the real representatives of the people however they have been elected by them in undemocratic election. They think and act not much different from their hard- liner competitors. They obey the supreme leader and Iran’s unfair constitution. Despite of having majority and enough power in parliament, they did not bring any thing for the people. They just missed so many opportunities that could create serious challenge between them and conservatives in order to obtain great achievements. They did not respond and support the people’s demands and now they should not expect the people’s backing either.
People are so disappointed now. Once, they trusted Khatami, they elected him, hopping that he would bring democracy and freedom to Iran. In his first period, he seemed to be little bit successful and he had peoples support. The people believed that Khatami needed a strong parliament along to do his tasks better. Once again they participated in parliamentary election (4 years ago) massively and did their job as best as they could by electing the bad among the worse. They hoped that Parliament could be an effective arm for Khatami and his reform process by legislating new regulations and correcting the current laws. But unfortunately the MPs appeared far from the people’s suppositions. They even were not able to defend their own rights. Many of them were put in trial and they were about to be convicted and put in the jail. Almost all of their important bills, which could have helped reform process, were rejected by Guardian Council. They could have protested against Guardian Council's domination in so many occasions and I am sure that the people would have supported them enormously. But unfortunately they did nothing at all. Now, facing with their eliminations, they struggle to keep their ass. They need the people’s support badly especially at the time that the hard-liners are taking advantage of the people's ignorance. But who is supposed to support them?

Friday, January 23, 2004

Dear Anonymous,

The writer of the poem that you mentioned “ where so hastily to?” or “Be Koja Chenin Shetaban?” is Dr. Shafii Kadkani, a well-known contemporary poet. “The dream of rose” is a translation of Fereidoone Forooghi’s song and the rest are mine. I hope you enjoy them. I thank you for your attention to my blog.
Take care.

Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Believe in the end of coldness

Should believe in ending of the cold season
In wiping out the chains of silence
In demolishing of the destructive thoughts

Should believe in flowing moments
In reviving of the lands
In beginning of the sweet dreams

Should believe in spring
In freshness and brightness
In our hearts, full of passions

Along with the sun,
We should pass through the dark sky.
On the fresh and holy soil
We should stay with the blooms.
Hopeful to the glow and warmness of the sun
We should believe in ending of the cold season.

Sunday, January 18, 2004

In chain

Our hearts are broken
No word can portray the pain.
Our hands are tied
No might can break the chain.

Left in dusty desert
In the talons of deadly dread.
Where duplicity is being ruled
The people are being fooled.
Where the rulers are devil
They made the land “axis of evil”.
Not a way to feel free
To make our own destiny.

Our home is in chain
Our hearts are in pain

Sunday, January 11, 2004

My Love

Your word is my blood
Your eyes are my sight
Your soul is my faith
Your hands are my might
You are every thing to me

Monday, January 05, 2004

For the survivors of Bam’s tragedy

When Bam trembled
And the muddy bricks of drowsy houses
Have gone with the wind.
I realized that,
The cradle of the exile
Was too cold and muted
Like a grave.

When my mother
Was looking for my hands
To survive,
I realized that my long arms
Were too short
And I even,
Could not reach her knees
To embrace them.

Ah …
I miss
My tiny cells in Evin* and Ghasr*
The cells filled by anxiety
Full of torture
Ah …
It was twenty something years ago.
I miss them all.

Over there,
I would cry out
I would sing a chant
And have a hunger strike
But here,
I can only shed tears

Hasan Hesam
*Evin and Ghasr are two wellknown jails in Tehran, moslty full of political prisoners.

Sunday, January 04, 2004

Flow of the night

The night is flowing
Is abounding
It can’t stay

Stars lose their brightness
In the light of day
the Vague silence of the night,
Is broken
In the ruckus of the sunrise

The night is flowing
Is abounding
It can’t stay.

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Why so many people lost their life in Bam?

It is believed that more than 40000 people have died and ten thousands become homeless aftermath of a deadly earthquake, happened in December 26th in the city of Bam. It is not a first time that we are facing this kind of tragedy but we never got a proper lesson of them. After each disaster we tried to forget it as quickly as possible rather than thinking about the causes and taking initiatives to prevent such harms.
My point as a civil engineer, who used to work in Iran, is that we have sufficient abilities in Iran, technically and financially, to avoid these tragedies. Making the safe houses and cities, both technically and financially, is not much more complicated than attaining nuclear or other mass destruction weapons. But why we can't do that in Iran?
Basically the totalitarian regimes like Mullah's Islamic republic have no legitimacy among the people. This kind of regimes doesn't care about the people's opinion and even their existence. Having all of financial resources and incomes in their hands, Mullahs rule the country in their own way. They try to keep themselves in power and they don't care how much does it cost. Like any traditional dictatorship, Mullahs also see their existence depend on the military power. They spend millions on military projects such as producing mass destruction weapons and other facilities which most of them are not needed. By creating imaginary enemies, they try to convince the people that Iran needs such investing. However most of programs with high costs are top secret and people don't know any thing about them. You should add all extra costs to these expenses, goes to the pocket of some people as a result of corruption in whole system.
It is very clear that by having all these expenses, regime have no interest or even ability to change the people's life conditions. We have lots of cities and villages in Iran which are much more vulnerable and they possibly will be devastated by earthquake lower range than what we have experienced in Bam. Most of these cities could be reinforced against the quake by only some awareness and money. But unfortunately we are facing a regime, which blocks every efforts and change. As long as mullahs have power in Iran we will be witness many disasters like Bam's and the same story will go on and on.