Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Canada Steps Back!

CBC NEWS: Canada's Foreign Affairs Minister, Bill Graham, said the weekend arrest of five suspects is a positive sign that the Iranian government is cooperating and taking steps to find out who is responsible for Kazemi's July 10 death.
"All we want to do is apprehend those responsible for this death, and punish, whoever that is, not just some lower people," added Graham.

It seems Canada is calming down and Canadian Officials decided not to go to the depth of Kazemi’s horrible death. Apparently they appreciated Iran’s reaction and they are just waiting to have those 5 murders punished. However, Mr. Graham pointed out the main issue, sending back the corpse to Canada, but this matter also would be forgotten very soon if the Mullahs react little bit quicker by revealing the murders identity and reporting a prepared story as a detail.

Sunday, July 27, 2003

Not a new one!

After being on the pressure by Canada for several days, Iranian officials reported that they have arrested 5 security agents in connection with the death of Zahra Kazemi. Though this may sounds reasonable for public opinion in outside of Iran and the people who don't know what is exactly happening in Iran, may be satisfied by this reaction. But we should be aware that the Mullahs are directing the same scenario, played for years. Killing the people, arresting a few selected persons as the murders, putting them in the jail for couple of years and then releasing them. We all remember what was happened to the court case of serial murders of intellectuals, a few years ago. They arrested some people and publicized it. They killed one of them who was the key element related to hardliners, and proclaimed that he committed suicide in the jail. They kept all the enigmas behind the case unrevealed and arrested the people such as journalists and lawyers who where writing and defending the rights of the victims.
Now is going to be the same situation, if Canada don't play any significant role. I believe Canada should persist on its demand of getting the body back. Canadian Officials should ask to be informed of any details related to the case, including the name of the people who committed and ordered this horrible crime. Disclosing this case could have a lot of positive effects on the reform process in Iran.

Saturday, July 26, 2003

Ottawa citizen: Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister Bill Graham made the offer yesterday in a diplomatic note to the Iranian Embassy in Ottawa. He was responding to Iran's attempts Thursday to draw a parallel between Zahra Kazemi's death in custody in Iran on July 10 and the fatal July 14 shooting by a Port Moody police officer of Keyvan Tabesh, an Iranian youth who was allegedly wielding a machete.
Though he rejected the analogy, Mr. Graham told reporters he would use the homicide inquiry and a planned coroner's inquest into Mr. Tabesh's death in B.C. to show Iran how democratic societies conduct such investigations. He urged Iran to follow its lead by giving Canadian officials access to an equally transparent investigation into how Ms. Kazemi died from a fractured skull.
Mr. Graham did a good job and showed how democratic country Canada is. But nobody either in Iranian Embassy in Ottawa or in Iran can respond to his demand. In Iran even president Khatami does not know what was exactly happened to Mrs. Kazemi. Iran’s mafia, on the control of Rafsanjani, manipulated every thing. Any national or international policy and reaction must be filtrated and approved by them. If even Katami knows about the case, he is not courageous enough to reveal this obvious crime. A few years ago when the Mafia killed several intellectuals in Iran, Katami couldn’t do any thing to bring the murders in justice and the officials slowly ignored the case. They arrested the lawyer of the victims’ family, who was following the case very seriously, and put him in the jail.
Kazemi’s case also will have the same destiny if Canada and global media don’t take it serious.

Friday, July 25, 2003

Canadian government has recalled its ambassador from Iran to consult about Zahra Khazemi’s death. If this is not just a formalistic answer, it could be a perfect and valuable reaction in order to force the Mullahs to comply with Canada’s demand for getting the victim’s body back.
I believe that isolating the cleric rulers in Iran is one of efficient ways to topple their regime. Economical and political sanctions by Canada and European countries could catalyze regime change in Iran. Most of Iran’s international trade is with Canada and Europe. If these countries boycott Mullahs, they cannot stay in power even for a year.
I know these countries get lots of advantage of dealing with Iran and they don’t want to lose it but they should now these trades only help the mullahs to get more money to stay in power and do whatever they have been doing for years. Iranians are not getting any proper assistance of this kind of commerce. Most of the trades are either in the hands of the corrupted government or the private companies which are highly connected to the conservative Mullahs.
We all remember the time that Iran's relations with the European Union became strained after a German court concluded in April 1997 that Iranian leaders had ordered the 1992 killing of four dissidents in Berlin's Mykonos restaurant. At that time most of western countries recalled their ambassadors from Iran and conservative Mullahs, who where on power, faced a real threat, but after a few month when the world media willingly ignored the case, all of them returned to Iran. Also Khatami’s victory in presidential election was another important element in taking that kind of step by the western countries.
But know is different time. We are in the post September 11 period. Most of western countries, including Canada are facing with a potential threat of terrorism, which is supported by such well-known regimes. Mullahs have been supporting and exporting terrorists for years. Zahra Kazemi is not the first or last victim. Their loyal men killed and are still looking for opportunity to kill innocent Iranians in Iran or all over the world.
This time the world should not ignore the problem. In a few days, European Union will review its relationship with Iran and it would be great occasion to isolate and cut off brutal Mullahs.

Thursday, July 24, 2003

A very latent report says that Zahra Kazemi was raped during the interrogation and she was trying to avoid it but her resistance didn’t work out and her head accidentally hit a solid thing and fractured. When Khmenei, Iran’s supreme leader, was informed, he immediately disagreed with returning the dead body to Canada. He knew, there would be terrible situation for Islamic republic, if Canadian government finds out what was really happened to Kazemi.
According to this report, the day after incident, when Mrs. Kazemi hears her interrogator’s voice, she starts crying out and swearing. There is nothing about the first event in the reports, which have been published by Iranian official but the second part has been exaggerated in several information.

Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Yahoo news: Israel's Defence Minister Shaul Mofaz warned of the danger of Iran integrating its newly developed long-range missile technology with the nuclear capability which Israel charges it is developing.
Speaking a day after Iran inaugurated the Shihab-3, a new surface-to-surface missile that brings all of Israel within its reach, Mofaz said the integration of both capabilities would present a clear threat, army radio reported.

Iran’s stupid supreme leader has recently had another foolish speech against country’s national security. That is very funny. In Iran thinkers, journalists and students are being arrested by conservative clerics because of their believes and thoughts which are mostly for national affairs and country’s security. But the leader simply by his words leads Israel and America’s attention toward Iran. Exactly at the time that they are looking for any alibi to target Iran’s nuclear facilities.
Mr. Khamenei must ask Iranians for forgiveness for his silly words; however, every body in Iran knows that Rafsanjani is behind all of these policies. He is the most dangerous element versus Iran’s national security.

Sunday, July 20, 2003

There is no doubt about Ayatollahs ambitions of getting nuclear weapons; however, Mullahs are trying to show that they would only use the nuclear facilities to produce electricity. In order to get this job done, they have a very effective cover to keep the mouths shut up. Khatami, who was elected twice by Iranians, is properly playing his role as a protector of conservatives’ aims. His administrations are still insisting that Iran’s nuclear programs are peaceful and they neither have plan nor technology to obtain nuclear weapon.
But it is very obvious that Mullahs are trying to play the same role, which is being done by North Korean rulers. They are very conscious that having atomic bomb could help them to stay in power and no military invasion could take place against them. And also they know that they don’t have enough time. After Iraq, all worlds are focusing on Iran and its brutal rulers. Khatami has been doing his job for six years and he has quite successfully bought a lot of credits for Islamic Republic, but his time going to be up. He has only two years and no body knows what will happen in next election. Therefore Mullahs are trying to get the bomb as fast as they can. No mater how much it will cost for them. They are ready to spend money as much as they can and there are also some countries, which are ready to take advantage of this situation. Poor Iranians!

Friday, July 18, 2003

Finally Iranian official has revealed that Zahra Kazemi, Iranian- Canadian journalist, has been beaten by her interrogators during her questioning. Despite of Iranian’s admission of murdering Kazemi and promising to bring the murders to the justice, Kazemi’s son is still persisting to get his mother’s body back to Canada in order to have further investigations and clarify the real cause of death. Canadian government also has warned Iran on this case and insistently demanded to have the assailants identified.
There is no doubt that this case is an obvious crime and whoever has done or ordered it must be faced the justice and be punished. But the question is how far this case would go and how Canada would react if Iran dose not respond to its demand? After all, who would guarantee that the murder or murders would be punished appropriately?
Justice in Iran is funny and meaningless thing. It is being manipulated by bunch of murders and devils and they turn it in their own direction at any time. In Iran terrorists, assassinators and murders are living freely and instead of them, the victims and the people who defend the rights of the victims are being convicted and put in the jails for long terms. The man, who shot on one of well-known reformist, Hajjarian, and almost led him to the death, now is the leader of the vigilances, which are being ordered, supported and fed by conservative Mullahs.

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Killing is their job. They don’t care that the victim is an Iranian or an Iranian-Canadian or from somewhere else. They have been killing the people for more than twenty-four years and they know how to do it. They don’t even need any alibi to take somebody’s life. They have been murdering their opponent in all over the world from North America and Europe to Evin jail. Zahra Kazemi is lucky that her death’s news is being reported and followed by media around the globe. There are so many victims that no body even knows where their bodies have been buried. There are countless dissidents who have been missing for years and no body knows if they are still alive or not. There are lots of prisoners who have been forgotten for long time. But Zahra Kazemi’s death is different topic. She is Canadian as well and she has her son and her persistent government to trail her case. Both her son and Canadian government are insisting to get her corpse back to Canada. If they succeed in this battle they would be able to illustrate to the world what is happening in Iran and how brutal and evil is the Iranian cleric regime

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

THE United States said today it did not want direct talks with Iran about its nuclear program and was only interested in dealing with the issue through the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
"At this point, all I can tell you is we're not engaged in or not seeking talks with Iran regarding its nuclear program," US State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said. Continue
There is no way for Mullahs to buy credit for themselves. Because of Iran’s complicated politic system, any possible dialog with America only could take place through Iranian hard-liners and this could weaken the reform process in Iran. Don’t get confused. More than half of the people in Khatami’s administration just carry the title of "reformist".

Monday, July 14, 2003

"Iran has made a major new oil find containing estimated reserves of more than 38 billion barrels, making it one of the world's biggest undeveloped fields, a senior oil official was quoted as saying Monday. " continue
As an Iranian who loves his country, I should be glad of hearing this kind of news. But honestly I am not happy at all. Oil is a massive power source in the hands of Mullahs to run the country in their own ways. Having more oil simply means more power. Some other countries, mostly Europe, are thirsty for oil and in order to get it extremely cheap, they would quietly support the brutal cleric regime and keep these fools on power. I very believe that the oil is one of the greatest obstacles against democracy and any reforms in Iran.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Khatami: 'We are not masters of the people but servants of this nation. If this nation says we don't want you, we will go,' Khatami was quoted as saying by the government-owned daily, Iran. 'That is the way a society should be.' Guardian
How should the people say that they don't want to be ruled by bunch of aggressive and merciless mullahs? Is Khatami blind or deaf? For more than two years, numerous open letters have been published by intellectuals to aware him how terrible and awful is the country's situation. Even some of his nearest followers in reform process have asked him to resign for several times. In recent demonstrations one of the major anti regime slogans was " Khatami resign, Khatami resign"?. What is he waiting for? Is he still insisting in his stupid and meaningless utopia of combining democracy and Islam?
He is still little bit cherished by Iranian. He shouldn't miss this opportunity

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Opinion Journal: "The attempt in Singapore to separate the large vein the twins shared didn't work. Ladan and Laleh are dead, and headlines have said a debate is "raging" over whether the surgery should have been tried. I've read those stories, and while one can find specialists who wouldn't have performed the operation, few people in medicine are saying the twins should have been stopped from tendering their lives to a team of 100 medical professionals. Almost everyone has said: Their choice."

Sunday, July 06, 2003

During a visit, China’s president meets Rafsanjani, Iran’s former president.
Rafsanjani: what do you do with your dissidents in China?
China’s president: There are small percentages of population who are against the government but they all are under control.
Rafsanjani: how many nonconformists do you have?
China’s president: approximately, 60 million.
Rafsanjani: coincidentally, we have almost the same number of opponents in Iran.
Original joke in Persian.

Saturday, July 05, 2003

In a radio interview, the US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, said Washington should stay away from the "family fight" between the country's reformists and conservatives. He also reminded listeners that Iran was a democracy and President Mohammad Khatami had been freely elected. BBC